Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Head Start

So this Christmas, you may recall, I needed to make a couple stars for my nativity sets.  And you may also recall, I made some magnets, since I had the clay out.

I finally got the last of my homemade magnets magnet-ed and have put them on the fridge.  I love them.

Last Christmas (2008) Momma gave me the cookie cutters I used for these magnets. She had initially picked them out for two of my nieces, who had "play kitchens" and she thought they'd be good "mini" cutters for the girls to play with. I guess she had an extra set, because I found my one for me in my stocking the next morning :)

If I made sugar cookies more often, I think these would be delightful little treats to serve at a tea party.  In fact, I've been doing some reading on shortbread cookies, and apparently oat flour was used before wheat flour. Good news for me :)  Maybe I'll have to try some oat flour shortbread cookies with a cup of tea this weekend.

In the meantime, my magnets will keep me smiling. And maybe I'll make some more, and get a head start on presents for next Christmas.. never hurts to be ahead of the game :)  (Summer, I know you want a blue bonnet and a tree.)

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