Friday, February 19, 2010


Everyone has best friends.  And among those best friends, there are varying levels of best-ness.  Taylor is my best friend in the world. That's why I married him.  He's the one person for whom I will forsake all others, even my family if that ever was necessary. That may sound harsh, and I hope I never have to leave my family or friends, but Taylor is my Love and it is his vocation to help me to heaven daily. I will follow him anywhere.

After Taylor, of course, comes my family.  I have a lot of family :)  And I love having so many family members because it means someone is always available to talk whenever I call (well, almost) :) It means that family get-togethers are wild and crazy and full of laughter and good food and jokes and memories. It means that you automatically have a whole gaggle of friends who love you by default. And that's grand :)

And then there are the best friends that we didn't marry and that aren't related to us.  Two of these best friends live in Texas. And they have very exciting news to share. They are now a family of five!  (That's right, Lydia, FIVE!)  Renee is expecting Baby #3!

And with the creation of Baby III, Renee will get to stay at home with her other two darling children!  (Which means I'll be able to call her a lot more often, too! Hope you won't mind, Renee!)

And you know what more babies means for T and me?  More babies to squish and Love and make things for!

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