Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fish Tacos (Serves 4)

In honor of Ash Wednesday, I thought I would share a dish I put together last Friday.  I didn't have enough fish for three people (that is, enough fish to serve "on its own" so to speak) so I got some taco shells, beans, and other accoutrements, and went to work.

12 taco shells [I suppose you could use tortillas and have soft tacos, but I was really craving crunchy tacos]
1-2 c cooked beans of choice (or 1 can)
veggie condiments [in our case, guacamole, chopped tomatoes, and shredded lettuce]
1/2 c. grated cheese
1/2 pound fish of choice [I used mahi mahi]

  1. Preheat oven to 500 degrees (on broil).
  2. Place fish in an oven safe dish and sprinkle with blackening seasoning and a drizzle of oil. Place in oven with the door ajar for 15 minutes. 
  3. Heat beans on the stove. I used some pinto beans I'd cooked previously (and frozen and defrosted) and fried them in a bit of bacon grease with chopped leftover onion and salt and pepper, so they turned out more like refried beans. You could use a can of those, too. 
  4. Prepare veggies.
    --I used two firm avocados (I think they would just barely have qualified as ripe), halved them and scooped the flesh into a food processor with the juice from half a lemon and about a quarter cup of green tomatillo salsa. Pulse in the food processor a few times until the avocado is in pea-sized chunks. Salt and pepper to taste.  I was really happy with this guac--it had more texture than other recipes I've made (with much more ripe avocados) and I really liked the perky flavor the tomatillos added.
    --I chopped the tomatoes in the food processor as well and plopped them on top of the guac when it was done. Chop two or three leaves of lettuce into thin slices on a cutting board. 
  5. Grate cheese. Set aside. 
  6. By this time, your fish should be done.  Make sure it's opaque in the center.  Don't worry about breaking it apart, that's the next step anyway :) 
  7. Break fish up with a fork and set aside in a bowl. 
  8. Set up all your items buffet style and assemble tacos:
    taco shell



  1. these are soo good! maybe a squeeze of lime w/them too? the spice was perfect :)

  2. mm.. Lime would be good. I had some lemon juice in the guac. Maybe some lime on the fish? I have more taco shells. We should make this again :D

  3. They look good. I am too afraid to make fish tacos myself. You'll just have to make them for me sometime.

  4. aw, why are you afraid to make fish tacos? you can make them vegetarian if you wanted, too. Just add a little rice on top of the beans instead of fish :)