Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Cat in a Hat

"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day.

I sat there with Sally.
We sat there, we two.
And I said, "How I wish
We had something to do!"

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house
We did nothing at all.

So all we could do was to
Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!
And we did not like it.
Not one little bit."

I could use a cat in a hat today to make the time pass more quickly.  It's not that I'm bored when it rains.  In fact, I really like being inside on cold, cold, wet days.  But sometimes I just can't wait to be done with work and go home.  I have lots I can do there :)

I could work on another mitten for a friend...

I could start two more of these:

one with these fabrics:

one with these:

I could make a case for all my knitting needles.  I could even make a "mini" case, for the two or so sets I need for any given project.

tick tick tick... hurry up and wait :P

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