Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Remember that list I wrote out last year for all the projects I was working on?  Should I decipher the code? Do you want to know how the gifts turned out?



1.  4 of these
nursing covers ordered by Mum for some of her friends at church. Complete with matching bags

2.  5 of these
Calendars (via Shutterfly!) for T's family.

3.  5 of these
Irish cable-knit hats for T and his brothers. I actually  made 6, with one green one for Conrad, but I didn't get a picture of him in it (Nina--wanna do me the favor?). I made T's orange one in November, to see how the pattern turned out.

4.  5 of these
Purses for all the girls in T's family! Nina really liked the pink/jean one I made a while back, so I gave her that one. I made a red one for Mum, a green one for Abby, and "mini" purses (I shrunk the pattern a bit) for Lydia and Caellainne. They've been big hits, so far as I know :)  

5.  3 of these  
Lace-knit cowls for some women I know. Let's just say this project didn't make the holiday deadline. I have only gotten half way on the first one. Maybe lace knitting isn't my thing..
6.  1 set of these:  Partner mittens for our good friends in PA.  *aHEM* I still haven't gotten a picture of them in use (Paul?).  BC colors, of course :)

7.  1 of these
scarf for the office "Yankee Swap"

8.  mail this
my favorite Christmas CD (Holly Cole, of course) for our best friends!  Andrew really likes Diana Krall's voice and I told his wife: "If he likes Diana, he'll LOVE Holly."  No complaints so far ;)

9.  Order these 
family picture prints (taken by Mandy) for my Daddy and siblings. I know you haven't received them yet.. but they've been ordered!

10.  2 of these
was going to do hats for two little girls I know... didn't make the holiday deadline either.  They're flower hats, though, so I suppose there's always Easter :)

And want to know what else I did? 

I made Giulia a purse for her birthday

I made T a yoga mat bag for Christmas

...and a pair of hand warmers for New Years/Spring 2010

I made stars for two nativity sets that didn't have them

and (while I had the clay out) I made some magnets

and an ornament for a good friend :)

I finished Bethany's long-awaited mei tai (remember those?)

I made Lorna's Christmas stocking

and some ornaments for Christmas at Daddy's house

I also made 4 "bitty bags"
to go with the purses I made for T's family

WHEW!  No wonder I haven't done anything crafty since I got back to Boston.

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  1. I ADORE your craftiness. You are so blessed with craftiness. I need a nursing cover. I will pay you. But, don't worry, I don't need it for a while. You can recover from Christmas. You are going to have to start working on next year's Christmas pretty soon ;-)