Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Announcement

After several divine "nudges" in this direction, Taylor and I want to let you all know we are going to start the adoption process.

One nudge was BC introducing an adoption benefits plan right when I started working here.

One was a dear friend asking us "why the heck not!?" and sending us the Adoption for Dummies book :)

One nudge was being asked by a close friend to consider adopting a newly conceived baby. For a whole week, T and I prayed about what we should do... We did say that, if the mother was considering abortion, we would take the baby unconditionally, absolutely.  For a whole week, I thought about that little child.  I thought about welcoming it into my home in June. For a whole week, I felt a little (tiny) bit like an expectant mother.  Sadly, and tragically, the young mother decided to abort her baby.  I think the baby was a girl, and I have named her. Our first little saint.

We don't know very many specifics at this point. We don't know what agency we'll use or what "preferences" we'll end up writing down for our child.  We don't know if we'll adopt a waiting child, an orphan, a new baby, a toddler, girl or boy, domestically or internationally.

But we're beginning!  There are so many unknowns!  It is exciting and somewhat frightening all at the same time. Prayers are invaluable. Advice is welcome.

Do you know of any babies who could grow up with somewhat crazy parents? :)  Let us know! We won't take their ice cream cones...


  1. Woohoo, come home baby Black! It's all in God's hands. You are not crazy.

    I have heard international are extremely difficult and expensive. For example, if you decided to adopt a newborn Chinese baby you would have to make several trips there and would likely not be able to bring the baby home until 10-18months. Try this site:
    Try not to get lost in the mire.

  2. You two and one day three have been in our prayers, and that's were you'll stay! The Hallowells support you all the way! May God bless and comfort your heart and mind all throughout the decision process!
    Love You!

  3. Baby Black :) what a fun idea... Thanks, Renee--I'll check that website out! I am a little crazy.. but it's a good kind of crazy, so it's ok ;)

    and thank you, too, Mandy! Your sweet family is such an inspiration to us :)

  4. Anne - I said this already on facebook (I think?) But reading this made my day. It is something that I am really excied about. I know you and Taylor will make wonderful parents, in fact everyone knows that! Mike and I will add our prayers to yours and hopefully the process will be a smooth one for you. Keep us updated!