Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sew Exciting!

Not that I currently have any reason to sew one of these for myself, but I loved the material and, after all, I need the practice to make one for each of my sisters, right? :)
I have been wanting to sew a baby carrier for a while, but I couldn't find anyone who needed one or wanted one (they all had slings or Bjorn carriers or backpacks). So... I decided to wait until I needed one myself.
But even that was taking too long, so I talked my oldest sister into letting me make one (this one, if I can swing it) for her. And then I thought, why not make one for my other sister-who's-a-mother, too? Yesterday we all got on the phone together and picked out our materials. I am amazed at how different each carrier will be. Admittedly, I really like all three sets, but I would never have picked Summer's or Bethany's materials for myself. Each of ours is very individual--just like we are.
Here are our selections. The first two materials will be the main body (the carrier is reversible); the next material will be the hood; the last material is for the straps.
I'm going to make mine first, since I have an exact tutorial for that one. Then I'll see if I can modify the process to get it closer to the toddler carrier. [I hope that's not an infringement on copyright or anything.] I'm really excited to get started. I wish the material would hurry up and get here! (haha, yes, I just placed the order yesterday, so it'll be a week or more...)
I don't know if my sister-in-law does (or will be doing?) much baby-wearing, since her youngest is currently 2, but if you want one, H, let me know! Also, Viv--you're in the same boat as me not "needing" one, but I don't want you to feel left out, so if you want to pick out some material, I'll make you one, too :D

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