Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold Today

It's.... COLD in Boston today.  I'm not complaining (having been raised in a desert, it's strangely exciting to live in a place where it regularly gets below 0.. don't ask me why), but it is pretty cold today.  I know Boston doesn't rival temperatures in ND, but it's cold enough to want to wear several layers and gloves and earmuffs and a big coat and warm socks and big clunky shoes and a thick scarf.. or to just stay inside :)

So today, even though I had to venture out into the cold (in my coat, which has kept me nice and warm. Only my face was cold walking to the office this morning), I was able to spend some time browsing around Smitten Kitchen, a food blog my friend shared with me last night (after an oh-so-tasty dinner at her house!). I have found a perfect cold-outside-cozy-inside activity for three grown-ups sharing one-bedroom apartment:

Making Popcorn!

I love popcorn to begin with (ask anyone who's ever watched a movie with me). Sometimes, I'll even settle for the popcorn at the movies, even though it's not nearly as tasty as home-made stuff, just because I want that salty crunch as I watch the screen flicker with the movie of choice.

Now, you may think "popcorn isn't very cozy on a freezing afternoon."  But this popcorn, I assure you, will be :)

I'll let you know how it goes!

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