Wednesday, January 13, 2010


an investment.

You may remember that our teapot broke last year. So we got a new one.

Then that one broke last fall.  And we got another new one.

So when I came home on Monday to find that teapot broken on a hot burner, we decided to make a change.

We did some research and found the perfect solution.

First, we didn't want a metal teakettle because of the way it reacts with the water.  That meant we needed glass or ceramic, and we clearly can't handle the ceramic right now :)  We found this glass one, but we figured we would probably have the same problem with it as the ceramic one.  And shattered glass is much more dangerous than broken ceramic.

Second, we needed some auto-shut off mechanism to counter our forgetful tendencies... so an electric kettle seemed to be the way to go.  But many electric kettles are plastic and heat the water way too fast and then we'd have to wait for the water to cool down (we're picky about water temperature) :)

And then, we found this beautiful little kettle.

Glass, with minimal stainless steel in the pot
Temperature gauge for different beverages
And.... auto shut-off when temperature is reached :)
Problem: solved!

So... welcome to our little family, Kettle. It's good to have you with us :)

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