Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This semester, T and I decided we'd take one night a week just to be together. Sure, we get to spend lots of time at home together, but I was surprised what a difference setting aside one night to spend the time together made for us. Tuesday is our night. 
We go to pilates at 5:30 (we walk if the weather is non-sub-zero and say our rosary) and come home to make dinner together--we try to do new recipes to have a little adventure.  After dinner, we sometimes watch a movie, sometimes read aloud to each other, sometimes go to bed early.  We've really enjoyed our two's-days!
Soon after we were married (or when we were still engaged?), we went to dinner with a priest professor at GU, Fr. Hartin (a delightful man from South Africa! So great.).  We asked him for any advice he had for our marriage and the road ahead and he said, "Don't let yourselves grow apart. It may seem impossible right now, but if you don't make an effort to grow together, life can often take you on your separate ways and, before you know it, you're not close anymore."   And while I don't think our two's-days are an effort to correct any growing-apart-ness, I do think we both saw the possibility increasing steadily.  It's so easy to loose track of each other when we're both so busy with our many and varied activities. It's not that we don't care what the other's doing, it's just a matter of taking the time to check in. 
Today we're going to the KooKoo Cafe before pilates.  Should be a fun time. I'm going to bring my knitting :)  


  1. Two's-days sound awesome. May your evening be blessed with the richness of an inspired marriage!

  2. Good advice...Best advice from Fr. Bill was that we are now our own family, King and Queen. We should remind ourselves and our families of our new autonomy. Otherwise the families we grew up in may interfere...He said spend to establish our own family traditions and own family holidays...

  3. That's good advice, too, Renee :) I like the idea of establishing one's own family traditions and holidays. Can't wait to have kids to share them with :)