Monday, February 23, 2009

40 Days

My friend Paul and I have decided that we want to try the 365 Photo project.  The goal is to take one photo a day and post it online with a brief explanation of the day or what the photo represents.   
However, given our busy lives (and, according to Paul, his perfectionist tendencies and minimal time), we want to "test the waters" first, to see if we have the time/energy/will power/motivation to 1) actually take at least one photo a day and 2) to post it and 3) compose (intelligent) brief notes on it.  So, we've decided to start with a Lenten Photo Project.  I start today and Paul, being Roman Catholic, will start Wednesday (right, Paul? You have to do it now since I've told everyone you will!).  
So, to begin. 
Here is a picture of T from this evening.  On Monday afternoons this semester, T, Paul, and Nick all get together to study for the comprehensive exams this May--the final step in completing their master's degrees.  I made French Lentil Soup tonight (quite tasty and very Lenten! Good thing we have a lot of leftovers) and bread. My bread didn't turn out very well.  It didn't rise enough.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed puttering around the kitchen while strains of exposition on Aquinas drifted in from the living room.   Looks like the boys had fun, too! 
Day 1 - After Dinner
(click on the photo for a larger view)

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