Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jesus Wore Birkenstocks?

Today at Mass, Fr Peter gave a great homily. He started out by saying that satan knows everything--from the precise number of stars in the Universe to the Scriptures to the best way for you to make a billion dollars in today's economy.  But there is one thing satan can never know. 
Jesus Christ. 
Because to know Jesus you have to walk in His shoes. You have to do the things He does and "be about His Father's business."  
Fr Peter said that the single greatest thing he's ever been blessed with on this earth isn't being a priest or teaching or being a rector at St. Clement's.  It's being able to walk in the shoes of Christ--to really get to know Him on the way
I'm reminded of the demon Screwtape who laments to his nephew, Wormwood, that it is a terribly unfair advantage of "the Enemy" that He was actually human--that He knows how "those creatures" think and feel and breathe and live from day to day.   I thought, "How nice of God to become human so that He had feet which needed shoes that we can walk in to get to know Him" :) (Yes, my elemtary thought for the day).  
After Mass T and I went down to the Museum of Fine Arts to check out their photography exhibit and have lunch at the cafe there (we felt très riche dining there in the sight of the other museum goers, I must say).  It was a lovely afternoon on a lovely (but slightly chilly) day.  
And so we continue (in Jesus' shoes (but not Taylor's birkenstocks)) on the Way. 

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