Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 4 - Teatime!

I flew into CA today and my sister V met me at the (delightfully small) Long Beach Airport.  Grabbed my bag and came back to her "bachelorette pad" to coordinate lunch with Kenny (the long lost). 
We made ourselves beautiful and got directions and hopped in the car.  Now, being two girly girls who are sisters and who haven't seen each other and had good one-on-one time in quite a while, we chatted the whole way to the restaurant... In fact, we chatted right past the right exit and (15 miles later) called Kenny and asked for, um, alternate directions. But we did make it. It was just a bit more exciting than we had planned (it always is with us)!  
Lunch was simply fabulous at Buca di Beppo (where K works) and we had a nice catch-up time together. After lunch/dinner [does that make it lunner or dinch?] we walked around downtown Pasadena and chatted some more at a nice cafe, where I took this picture of the day
Day 4 - Teatime?
(click the pic for a better view)
After the cafe we went to Kenny's apartmet (to hang out some MORE) but had to head home in time to watch Grey's Anatomy and get some much-needed sleep.  Big day tomorrow--the first day of the Religious Education Congress with my folks! Should be fun :) 

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