Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, we had a good party! I made St. Patrick Irish Cheddar soup and we put out our Pacific smoked salmon that Momma got us for Christmas (ooh, so good!) with some home made cream cheese (enhanced by capers, thyme, and garlic) and crackers (that was good, too!).  We also had chips and salsa, lots of beer, delicious wine, and ratatouille (courtesy of Nick). For dessert I made pizells and served a basic custard on top of them.  I love parties :) It's so much fun to make food for a lot of people. 
After eating and chatting for a nice long while, we settled down and read some poetry outloud. Does that sound nerdy? Well, even if it does, that's ok with us--reading aloud is a forgotten art and I much prefer it to watching TV or a movie, or even (sometimes) playing a board game (Yes, Paul, even Settlers of Catan!) because there's more interaction between guests and the rising and falling of conversation is very relaxed and natural (and no one gets irritated by not "getting on with the game" because people are chatting).  Fun times. 
Here are a few pics: 
Food :: Alcohol
Full bellies (pregnant?) :: Poetry
Tickling and Poetry  (naturally) :: Farewell :)


  1. How Austenian. Sorry we missed it. Of course, with Alexander there, it would have been chaos.

  2. With Alexander there, it would have been so much more fun! :) What's better to add to a party than your own 2-year-old entertainer? Miss you guys :)