Friday, February 13, 2009

RIP Teapot

Our teapot broke this morning :( Our beautiful ceramic stove-top tea kettle cracked in two [well, ceramic does tend to do that when one forgets to put water in the pot before turning the burner on :) Oops!]
Oh well.  We can still get them online, so we've ordered a replacement (though I did think to save the old lid and bamboo handle, which were fine, in case either of those break on our new one). 
But this got me thinking and I realized that this is the fifth one of these pots we've bought (haha, don't worry--we haven't broken that many): 
  • one for my roommate at 722 in Spokane
  • one for Taylor's Mum
  • one for Kayleen
  • one for us when we got married (it did last a full three years with no trouble--as long as we had water in it!)
  • (another) one for us now :) 
So... as you can see from our buying history, if you want great water for tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, we highly recommend this teapot  :)  It's safe on all kinds of stovetops (they say you shouldn't use it on flat-top stoves, but Mum's is a flat-top and it seems to work fine) and the ceramic doesn't impart any funny metalic tastes to the water.   
Happy boiling!

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