Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lovely Day

Having decided to go to Mass in the evening, T and I spent the morning at Athan's--a lovely cafe about a mile from our house.  Despite their dishwasher being broken (resulting in the use of plastic plates and utensils and paper cups (which isn't a bad thing in itself, but it does tend to detract from the 'cafe' experience)), and the coffee being a wee bit too hot, it was a nice productive morning. 
T was studying: 
And I was knitting. 
Thanks to Kelly for this pattern-- it worked up perfectly (and I just LOVE the stem)!


  1. I wish we were all in WA together :) and the "cafe" would be one of our kitchens, Taylor would make the coffee, the kids would play in the living room, and we'd all sit around the table, sipping hot drinks, and enjoying each other's company and knitting and crafting... :) someday, I hope!