Monday, February 2, 2009


Who says ice cream can't "make everything better"?  (especially if it's chocolate!) (and especially if it's 45 degrees out and sunny!) (and, of course, if the ice cream is REALLY good.)
I had a "mopey" morning today. Maybe because it was Monday, or maybe because the weekend seemed to have gone by so quickly?  I did get a lot done at work, but I had to mail two packages and the BC post office was hectic.  Then I had to go pick up our grass-fed meat and... decided to stop for ice cream.  The day just got better from there! 
The baked beans I made tonight turned out really well, too (will post recipe if people are interested). I made Pink Lady Apple slaw and we had fresh bread to go along with it. Also, the 5th season of Frasier arrived in the mail and we watched a few episodes of that before going to bed. I know it wasn't just the ice cream that made my day better (thanks to my sweet Taylor!) but it was a nice treat :)  Happy Monday!


  1. ice cream DOES make everything better. yay for Frasier! We love that show!! :)

  2. Ahhhh.... Dinner at the Blacks is so much more difficult now! We miss you guys, and your great healthy meals and Taylor's obscure brews :) Madelyn hasn't been the same without you guys.

  3. We miss you, too, Hallowells! Give Madelyn a squeeze from us :)

  4. Ice cream, Frasier, good food, awesomely sweet husband? How can you complain?!

  5. Well, Renee--it was only the morning that was sort of mopey. That's why I got the ice cream :) and that's why I'm so lucky to have Taylor. He makes everything better.