Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Some of you have asked for my S'Mores recipe. T and I enjoyed our first homemade s'mores with our friend Jen, who is leaving Boston soon :( It was a nice send off, though, and we are so glad of her friendship (and her willingness to be our guinea pig for new recipes)!
First you have to make marshmallows (these do need to dry out overnight, so prepare them at least a day ahead of time).
Then you need to make graham crackers. I made mine the day of, which worked out very well for us. I would love to try them fresh out of the oven, letting the chocolate melt on the warm cracker. Next time :)
I didn't make my own chocolate, but I suppose it could be done. I got some high-quality dark chocolate that we chunked ourselves. Good to nibble on while the marshmallow's toasting, too :)
Third, you need to roast the marshmallows. We used candles since we don't have access to any other fire. Quite cozy
Then you have to assemble your S'More in all it's ooey-gooey goodness!
Last step: Enjoy!

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  1. you are amazing! where are those recipes?