Thursday, July 9, 2009

365 Days. A Summary To Date (Day 136)

The 365 photo project was designed, I think, to do several things. Some of these things coincide with my reasons for beginning it. For instance,
  • helping the photographer become more aware of her surroundings and take picture opportunities whenever they arise
  • documenting an entire year of one's life in pictures which helps one recall what happened that day
  • (hopefully) becoming a better photographer
Although there are days (often many in succession) where I will forget to take a picture until soon before bed (hence the pictures of our orchids, for example), I think I have become more generally aware of picture opportunities. The 365 project has definitely trained me to take my camera (yes, it's only a little point and shoot) with me wherever I go, and that certainly lends itself to more pictures taken :) There are also times when I'm too lazy to get my camera out when I see something that might make a good picture (especially if it's rainy or I'm in a hurry).
I have successfully documented the beginning days of my first year of photographs. I do not know if I will continue the trend of daily photographs after this year is completed, but it's not an idea I'm opposed to. I might not make it as regimented and regular an occurence, but I do like the idea. We'll see.
Also, I do think I have become a better photographer. Not a great one, but better than I used to be.
But the most interesting things I have learned from this project are applicable to photography, and life in general.
I have learned that somedays will present faulous photo
opportunities and that by chance, or Providence, or luck (whatever you call it), I am able to capture the moment in a photo that turns out great! These moments have been my favorite pictures from my set.
128 - Joy is Like the Rain
There are other days that don't particularly stand out, where the moments aren't glamorous or spectacular or stunning. Just ordinary days that give me a chance to look extra hard for picture-appropraite materials.
Sometimes they're cool:
122 - Tree and Leaf
Sometimes they're less cool :)
82 - Green Road
Other times I have to carefully stage a "moment" that will capture well :) These are fun for me because I always wonder if people can guess whether they're staged or just random moments I was quick enough to catch. Can you guess with these?
47 - Good Friday
What about these?
Day 27 - Liesl
And sometimes, I wait for a good moment to re-create itself :) I was sitting on the couch with T and the breeze was blowing the curtain up like this. So I got up, got my camera, and sat back down, waiting for the breeze to come back... hehe
98 - Breezes
Things I've learned about myself since starting this project:
I prefer by far photographing people rather than objects. There are some occasions where I can make objects look good, or when I find one that looks good on its own:
But for the most part, people are just more fun, and they make for better pictures :)
Day 38 - Thugs
I really like color. I have made very few photographs black and white. I guess I like the richness of the color.
But it's probably also due to my lack of vision for a black and white world. I'm no Ansel Adams :)
My philosophy on getting a great photograph: the more pictures you take, the more likely you are to end up with a half-way decent picture :) Here is one (very, very rare) example of several pictures that all turned out well
130 - Dip
I like photography! I mean, I always liked taking pictures, but since starting this project, I have realized that I really enjoy being behind the camera (even my bitty Elph), creating memories I can share with people and treasure myself.
Day 7 - My Folks
I love you, Momma and Daddy :)
In conclusion (congrats for making it to the end!), I am very glad that I started this project when I did (the beginning of Lent). If I had waited till Easter, I would have missed the last 10 days of Momma's life and her funeral, our time together as a family after her death, and so many wonderful memories that I won't forget now. I'm contemplating putting all 365 pictures into a photo book at the end of my year, but we'll see how that works out. Photo books are spendy, and 365 pictures take up a great many pages.
Anyway, here's to photography! And many more pictures to come.
Here's my whole set on flickr:
And my picasa page, that has pictures of events and projects I've done:

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  1. What a wonderful post! Are you familiar with Nick Kelsh? He's a great photographer who has written a few books for the average person who wants to take better pictures - his audience isn't even amateur or aspiring photogs, just average people. Excellent tips, easy-to-read conversational text, and one of his main points is that it used to be only pros could afford to burn through a whole roll of film in 10 minutes. With digital images being free, regular people can take lots more pictures too, which increased the chances of a great shoat captured at just the right moment, as you said.

    Also, have you heard of stock photography? You upload your photos to a site like iStockPhoto and other people buy the rights to use your images in their ads, articles, websites, etc. A few of your pictures so far have looked like stock photography, such as the billowing curtains. Lots of info online about making some money that way.

    Keep blogging, and keep shooting! Thanks for sharing with us.