Monday, July 13, 2009

The Final Frontier

After a nice lunch of roast chicken and potatoes (T is teaching his FIRST LSAT class tonight, so we had a nice lunch together rather than dinner) which Taylor prepared, Daddy and I walked down to the T-station to see Star Trek. On the way, we passed this funny tree in a fence:
And Daddy got to see the sign for one of his favorite songs: Charlie on the MTA :) (You can see the words on the sign if you click on the picture below). Fun times!
And Star Trek was just awesome. I can't wait to get our own copy of the original series on DVD and watch them like Momma did as she was cleaning the house and sewing. Also, it'll be fun for T to see them and laugh at all the jokes, characteristics, and -isms that they put into the movie :) Does anyone know when the Star Trek movie comes out on DVD?! I wanna get it!
Here's a cool picture of downtown Boston, against the wall of the Aquarium IMAX.
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