Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daddy's Visit

My Daddy is in town this weekend! He's here on a "layover" (that is, a 3 1/2 day layover) on his way to VA to visit my brother and his family. Yesterday we found the Nation's Best Hot Dog at Boston Speed's ( (based on this article from the Wall Street Journal). I will gratefully admit that it's all true--this is the best hot dog in America :) It's about a foot long and nearly 2" thick... "loaded" with all the tasty goodness a hot dog needs. Oh, so good...
Saturday we mostly spent sleeping and lounging. I made Boston Baked Beans (see recipe here), since we wanted to make sure Daddy got the full Boston experience :) I love this recipe--so tangy and so hearty. I also made a millet bread (since I didn't have any corn meal) and it went well with the beans.
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[Incidentally, I'm glad Daddy was able to rest so much on Saturday because I'm sure he'll be busy with all 5 grandkids when he goes down to Virginia!]
Today we mostly toddled around downtown Boston (got in a good 5 miles of walking, too!) and saw the Tall Ships in Charlestown Navy yard. It was thoroughly enjoyable going around with Daddy, the sailor, to see all the ships, because it was like getting our own private lecture on sailing trivia and information. In fact, he kept asking a trick question of all the sailors we encountered, "How many ropes are on a ship like this?" To get the answer, you'll have to visit my picasa album of the adventure:
We had a nice relaxing dinner this evening and watched Waking Ned Divine (great movie!). I'm looking foward to tomorrow when Daddy and I will go to Star Trek in IMAX! It's showing at the theatre at the aquarium (which we probably won't get to see. Next time!). So far, a great visit with my wonderful Daddy :)

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