Monday, October 13, 2008

Maine III

Well, so much for seeing the sunrise. We woke up on time--and got out of a nice, warm, squishy, comfy bed to brave the moist cold outside--and drove up to Cadillac Mountaion this morning. I imagine it would have been something wonderful and magical like the picture above, but, because it was cloudy and misty and rainy, it looked more precisely like this:

Yet even though it was cold and windy and we didn't get a golden sunrise today, we still made it up there! In fact, the ornament we chose from all the possibilities was a little magnet picture (we'll take the magnet off) of Cadillac Mountain. Maybe we can pretend it was a bright sunrise or something :)

After our cold adventure, we quite understandably went back to bed. We slept for another hour or two until breakfast was ready and then headed downstairs for another yummy meal (this morning they had banana muffins; yogurt parfait; and a tomato and pesto quiche with bacon and toast or sour cream cherry waffles). 
T read more of the Lord of the Rings to me while I packed up all our clothes and shoes and the things we had purchased in Bar Harbor. Once we checked out of our dear little inn, we roamed around looking for a picnic lunch to bring with us into Acadia. T saw most of it yesterday on his run, but I hadn't seen any of it yet! We got some sandwiches and said farewell to Bar Harbor...

Acadia, though, was simply beautiful! The trees that had started to turn were on fire with color! We drove into the park on the loop road and parked to take a short hike along the shore path. It as lots of fun to scramble over the rocks along the shore. If I go to the beach, I prefer rocky beaches by far (rocks have a harder time getting into the places sand seems to find so easily!). It was a perfect afternoon for hiking--sunny, cool, breezy. Most of the time driving was spend with the windows down (both for the fresh air and being able to take pictures).

How beautiful is God's creation! It is amazing and humbling to be in the midst of such beauty--especially in contrast to the ugliness that humanity so often creates.  I appreciate most of the accomplishments of mankind, but I want to be closer to the earth, closer to nature. I want to be more Hobbitish ("If you take my meaning, Sir," said Sam)! I think one of the main reasons T and I want a farm someday is that it is easier to remain grounded (yes, pun intended--grounded literally and figuratively) when one works so close to the earth...

The drive home, as you can imagine, was filled with more Tolkien. By the time we reached the outskirts of the greater Boston area, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli had long since tracked Merry and Pippin to Fangorn where they met Gandalf the White; battle had been waged and won at Helms Deep; and Gandalf rode to Isengard to make a peace offering to Saruman--whose great black tower of Orthanc was a pillar in a sea of flotsam and jetsam inflicted upon it by the roused Ents.

Now we're home, all unpacked, ready to get to bed--all before 10 pm! It's been a wonderful weekend, and we are very glad to have been blessed enough in our married life to be able to go! But we're also glad to be back in our own home, our own bed, our own blankets (most especially my supernifty buckwheat pillow!).. our own little corner of the world.

Here are my pictures from the weekend: 
Here is Taylor's album: 

(There, Kayleen--I got all the many lables in from my first short post!) :)

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