Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dancer In Me

Looking for pictures for my last post (I wanted some waltz move that was wild and extravagant--something I can't teach and my friend's won't have time to learn--just to be silly), I came across this quiz. Here are my results:
You Scored as ChaCha

You are Cha Cha! Flirtatious and fun, you are the life of the party. People tend to add syllables to your name and count you incorrectly. You are versatile, approachable, and best when syncopated. For someone so sexy, you are a lot less of a tramp than most.

Cha Cha - 92%

Rumba - 83%

Samba - 75%

Viennese Waltz - 67%

Jive - 67%

Waltz - 67%

PasoDolble - 58%

Quickstep - 58%

Foxtrot - 58%

Tango - 50%

The first time I took the quiz it said I was Viennese Waltz. Which (honestly) I thought was just funny. That's one of my least favorite dances (too fast, stiff, and jerky). Of course, this quiz doesn't have West Coast Swing, which is (naturally) the best dance ever, so they couldn't get it right no matter how many times I took the quiz! They also didn't have Salsa, which is my second favorite dance. After those, though, here's how I would rank the dances they had:
Cha Cha
Samba (actually this one could be first--it varies on my mood and my partner)
Tango (and Argentine Tango!)
Jive (I don't know Jive. I put it here because I imagine it's like swing. Somewhat.)
PasoDolble (I don't know this one either, but it sounds Latin-y and therefore outranks Viennese Waltz)
Viennese Waltz
Quickstep (Don't know it--but even though it might be "swingy" I don't think it's jazzy enough for me. I don't really like Lindy either. Even less than Viennese Waltz)
Which dance are you?

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