Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dance Dance

Well.. not really. We're actually waltzing. A lovely engaged couple T and I know are doing a (traditional!) waltz for their first dance at their wedding reception in December, and I offered to give them a few dance lessons. Even though they're paying me, it's really a great deal for everyone. I get to teach dance, they get to learn (at least, they get to try to learn from a not-professional teacher) for a great price! I don't think you'll find $20/hour private dance lessons anywhere else, but I may be wrong. Who knows? 
However, I think I got the better end of the deal :) It's not the $20 at all, but I get to teach dance again! I've decided I really love teaching, especially dance. Is there anyone in the Boston area who wants private dance lessons?! I'll teach you! 
I asked T if he'd take dance lessons from me. I want to teach him foxtrot because there are a lot of fun songs you can do to foxtrot (those songs that are not quite swingy enough for swing, even if it would work alright). He said he'd be glad to take lessons from me! He'll even pay me--his whole weekly salary for just one hour a week! How's that for a screamin' deal? :) But I guess that's the priveledge of spouses, right? 
We're having our next lesson on Election Day.. at least I'll have something to look forward to that day, huh? :)

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