Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Maine Getaway, Part I

We woke up this morning, refreshed after a fun night of friends and homemade pizza (which, by the way, turned out fabulously--I copied Momma's pizza dough recipe for all three ladies who were there!), ready to begin our weekend adventure :)  We didn't sleep in too much (only till 8), but we took two hours to get out the door--there was no rush. We had packed last night and had a nice breakfast together.  The drive north was beautiful, once we got past the Boston contstruction traffic. To pass the leisurely 6 hours on the scenic route, which was actually quite scenic, I read the Lord of the Rings out loud to my sweet husband, who's so good to do all the driving! (I'm sitting-in on a Philosophy of Tolkien class this semester and, instead of just reading the story to myself, T and I are once again sharing the journey together. The last time we read it out loud together was on our honeymoon.)  During our drive, Frodo and Sam set out on their own east of the river, and we followed Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli in search of Merry and Pippin. We stopped for gas and got fast food for lunch (normally I wouldn't admit that we got fast food, but it has import later on!), and kept on driving, driving, driving. Finally, around 4 pm, we arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine! We checked into the lovely Bass Cottage Inn and went to stroll around the little town. It's very nice here and the weather is simply perfect. It is fairly cool, so we need coats, but it seems to warm up well in the afternoons, too. I decided the shoes I had packed weren't comfortable enough for the whole weekend, so we spent a little time shoe-shopping. It was actually lots of fun (so many crazy shoes out there!) and I got a nice pair of gekkos (like crocs) which are so. very. comfortable. :)
Dinner was at Chowdah's (at my suggestion).  I really don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because it was decent food, but it wasn't spectacular... and it was over-priced. (But, we hear they have good beer.) We wanted to get to bed early tonight, so in that respect, Chowdah's was a good choice. We won't go there again, though.  We've made reservations at a nicer place for tomorrow night. 
On the walk home tonight, slightly ashamed, I told T, "Honey... I think we're food snobs." 
And (to my surprise) he said, "Yeah. We are." 
Thinking about it a bit more, I don't think we're snobs like Frasier and Niles Crane are... at least I hope not :) but we just like good food. Good quality. Good ingredients. We don't go out to eat very often (mostly for budget reasons) and when we do, it's usually to a good place. We eat fast food only when nothing else is available. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be good for me and wholesome. Does that make me a snob? :(
Anyway, off to bed. Tomorrow T's going on a 20 mile run around Acadia National Park, and he needs his rest! It's simply delightful to be here, snuggled in our warm bedroom (with our little jotul stove on!), cozyily relaxing into the weekend... 
Here is a picture of a weird store window we passed on the way home. Notice the legs coming out of the cauldron with binties on her toes? Weird, right? 

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