Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maine, Part II

Sunday, Sunday! With a golden morning to greet us! The only reason we set an alarm this morning was to ensure that we woke up in time for the complimentary gormet breakfast our inn serves. I must say--it's well worth waking up for! The breakfast room here is bright and sunny, and the food was great. A nice way to start our day! 
After breakfast we walked around town some more, stopping here and there to browse in the various shops. There were lots of sales this weekend since it's close to the end of the vacation-er season. We got mugs to brew our loose leaf tea one mug at a time, so we can have good tea at work. 
Mass at the local parish was at 11. It was a good Mass--the priest had a deep, booming voice, that was great for chanting the parts he sung. The church was beautiful, too--simple but very striking and lovingly cared for. 
After Mass, T went for his run in Acadia while I moseyed around town some more, looking for Christmas gift ideas (there were a few shops that were Christmas All Year type store), hoping to find an ornament T and I could take home. We like to get a Christmas ornament from the places we visit. We have a beatiful glass ornament from our honeymoon, a rock from the Ginko petrified forest in WA, a collectible stamp from June Lake, etc., etc.  I got a $10 fleece sweater and a $5 tank top, too. I love sale season. 
After moseying, and T still on his run, I went back to the inn and knitted myself a scarf. It was nice to just sit and be quiet and enjoy breathing, living... I had the windows open and watched people outside, enjoying the fresh air. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons (because I like cold weather!), but it's always struck me as odd that it's also a season of such vibrancy and life--when things are preparing to go dormant or hibernate for the winter! Before too long, though, it started to get chilly so I closed the windows and turned on the stove in our room :) I think I want a stove or fireplace like that in our Hobbit house someday.. Besides, I didn't want the room too cold for our MASSAGES that afternoon. That's right--T got us both massages for the weekend. What a thoughtful husband :)
After a fabulous run and feeling great, T got back just before my appointment, and was able to settle down before his. The massages were great, very relaxing and energizing at the same time. During T's massage I went downstairs to the very comfortable sitting room and had a good phone chat with my folks. 
Dinner toinght, at Cafe This Way was SO GOOD! If the food yesterday was less than exciting, today's food made up for it easily--especially this dinner. Oh, my. I got fish and chips with a twist. The chips were sweet potato chips, and the fish was ahi tuna, breaded and pan fried medium rare (I'd never had medium rare fish before--it's all been cooked through or sushi!) and I loved it. It also came with mashed butternut squash and broiled asparagus on the side, which was superb.  Every bite was wonderful. 
Then, as we usually do, half way through eating we switch plates! T had ordered Asian salmon on seaweed coleslaw with mashed potatoes and mashed butternut squash, which was really good too :)  
The atmosphere of Cafe This Way was quite enjoyable. T and I were seated in a little corner of the room next to bookshelves filled with old and varied books. Momma--they even had the Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley cookbook! They had children's books and games for little ones; they had philosophy, poetry, essays, bad novels, good novels, classics... We loved it. 
We also ordered a slice of Maine Blueberry pie (al a mode) to go. We still had a wonderful bottle of wine in our room with truffles to munch! We headed home and had a little picnic on our bedroom floor, sipping wine, munching pie and truffles, and enjoying the un-hurried leisure of vacation. 
We read a bit after dessert, but now it's time for bed. Tomorrow we're waking up before sunrise and driving to see it from the top of Cadillac Mountain. Hopefully the threatening clouds cooperate. 

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