Friday, July 25, 2008

Smarty Pants

My genius husband got another paper accepted at a conference! (That's why he's a smarty pants--in a good way, though!) The first of his papers that was accepted was for a Lonergan conference in CA at Loyola Marymount. It was great fun to fly out west, leaving behind the dreary, barely-spring of New England for the sun-shiney temperance of Los Angeles! T took me with him for that conference, and my parents drove down to hear his paper. We all stayed at my sister's apartment in Long Beach, which was a little warm, but still tons of fun! I got to go shopping with Momma and V, and Daddy and T went to the conference all weekend, being all geeky with other Lonergan buffs. This paper wouldn't take us to exotic, far-off places, but it's right here in Boston this November. It's the North Eastern Political Science annual conference and, apparently, it's fairly affluent--there are lots and lots of presenters, and prizes for the best papers. The only small trouble is that T still needs to write the paper (technically, it was just his proposal which was accepted--essentially the first page of his paper). So, hopefully he gets that written soon! :D See? T's always enjoyed reading this to anyone who will listen! This is Giulia and Michael, my sisters' kids.

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