Friday, July 18, 2008

My Love Is A Squirrel

At a friends' house the other day, picking out a movie to watch, I happened upon Disney's Sword in the Stone. We didn't watch it then, but they let me borrow it and I just finished watching it--for the first time in years! And let me tell you, so much makes sense to me now! It was as if the most profound mysteries of my life were made clear! (well, maybe not the most profound ones) The most entertaining party of the movie for me this time around was the scene with the squirrels. The way those two girly squirrel(y)s flirt with Merlin-squirrel and Arthur-squirrel reminded me a lot of how I flirt with T when I'm at my silliest! For instance, when T and I are walking along holding hands, I like to let go of his hand and put it (his hand) on top of my head. I'm not sure why I do this, it's just silly (and it makes T laugh--usually he kisses me too). T doesn't understand it either but he likes to laugh at/with me. Another game I like to play is "tickle T with something," which something usually ends up being one of my ringlets :) I like to be annoying about it and do it while he's facebooking or watching a movie (usually a movie that I've already seen). Sometimes we play the "melty wife" game. When I'm really tired and T tries to put me to bed, I become all melty (some of you know how good toddlers are at this--if they don't want to be picked up, they release their arms and somehow manage to slide out the bottom of your grip). Sometimes the "melty wife" game becomes "clingy wife" when T starts to run away :) And sometimes it's the "smother T with kisses and hugs" game, which I usually play when he comes home or before we go to bed or when he's done something (anything) wonderful for me. That's a nice game, and as long as it's not too hot, T doesn't mind playing along :) Oftentimes I get so silly with all my games I just have to let myself giggle for a little while, hiding in blankets or a pillow or behind my hair... And, as a small side note, I couldn't help but wonder if J.K. Rowling watched Sword in the Stone when she was younger? Because, from the descriptions in her books, I imagined Dumbledore looking a lot like Merlin. Also, what about the intelligent owl that follows instructions (granted, Archimedes doesn't deliver letters). Then there's the fact that Harry and "Wart" (Arthur) both happened to be orphans; and Arthur's foster father, Ektor, though a bit more compassionate toward his Wart, reminded me a lot of Harry's uncle, Vernon Drusley--not to mention the similarity between the surly, dumb (though, granted again, not fat) son Kay and Dudley-kins. And then there's the wizard duel between Merlin and Madame Mim. Now, this is not meant to be an attack on the Harry Potter books--I've been enjoying them very much and I'm not trying to criticize Rowling's creativity. Perhaps it was even that, since I had seen the Sword in the Stone before reading the books, the characters Merlin, Kay, and Ektor were lurking somewhere in the depths of my mind as I read the books. But, it made me chuckle as I watched the movie :) So here's to Sword in the Stone and all the wonderful associations it has!

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