Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Wonderful Husband

I have no huge, specific reason for writing about my sweet husband today. He's not a new father, he doesn't have a new job, it's not his birthday or our anniversary, he hasn't just come home after a long absence. It's all the little, every-day-wonderful things he does that has prompted me to tell you about him. I've been slacking quite a bit in my exercise routine and the other day I asked T for a bit of help--"Push me out of bed or remind me how I want to slim down and feel better." So, instead of actually pushing me out of bed, he hands me my phone so I can record my temperature (haha, that may sound funny--but since we don't turn on our computer at home very often, I keep a record of my waking temperature in the calendar in my phone (which is right by our bed) and then transfer the temps all at once). After getting dressed for his exercise, he comes back in to make sure I've not fallen back asleep. When we're done exercising, he makes me breakfast and packs the lunch so that I can take a bit more time to get ready for work. At Mass, he lets me go first in line for Communion. He's always willing to help in the kitchen if I'm too tired or stressed or lazy to keep it clean or to make meals. He sweeps the floors and vacuums the rugs when I ask him to (and often when I don't ask, too). He cleans the bathroom if it needs to be done. He helps pick up the house with me when we have company coming. He truly appreciates all the things I make for him--food, clothes, cards, camera cases! I'm sometimes amazed at the whatsits I've made him that he keeps for years. T loves my family. I know that may sound strange, but not everyone really enjoys their in-laws. T and I are both lucky--we have wonderful families on both sides and we get along with everyone very well! T is a good sport, too, when it gets a bit overwhelming at my parents' house. He plays with me! Who says you can't be a kid forever? He holds my hand... a lot :) He takes walks with me even though he's already gone running and biked to and from work and walked all over campus carrying heavy things and just wants to sit at home and read his books or his newspaper. But the most amazing aspect about all these things is that he does them without complaint. In fact, that's one of the things that I admire most about T--he almost never (never) complains, about anything. If he's irritated, he sometimes goes stonily silent, but he can usually shake himself out of it without grief. And even if I'm cranky he doesn't let it get to him and tries his best to cheer me up, to help me see the bright side of things, to see God's will in the suffering or frustration. He strengthens my hope in persistent desires and spurs me on to do God's will joyfully. He makes me laugh if I'm crying (and sometimes makes me cry from laughing too hard!); he tells me I'm beautiful when I feel ugly; he holds me when I need to feel safe; he supports me when I'm weak. He's just exactly what I need when I need it. So, thanks for all you do for me, my Sweet Husband-Love! I love you a million-billion-six!
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