Monday, July 7, 2008

Born on the Fourth of July!

"I've a Yankee Doodle sweetheart, [he's] my Yankee Doodle joy!" A bit from a musical I saw years and years ago. Always gets stuck in my head for the fourth of July because of the line which is the title of this post :) ---------- It's been a crazy long weekend after getting back from CA at 7 in the morning on Wednesday! Luckily, my boss was nice enough to not require my presence in the office the rest of the week, so I got a lovely two-week vacation! As it is, I got sick this weekend and had to work from home today, but that was alright with him, too. What a great boss! T went in to work for a bit on Wednesday to check in and also for an interview later that morning. After the interview, though, his boss told him to go home and sleep. It was good. Our sleep schedule was all messed up having changed timezones and taken a red-eye flight back to Boston. We slept a lot on Wednesday and Thursday. But because we slept, we were up later than usual! We went to see Hancock Wednesday night with two friends (and ate some yummy chinese food!). The movie was thoroughly enjoyable--for the first half. Part way through the film a rather complicated character relationship arose and I think the directors/writers took the story in a weird direction. I don't regret seeing the movie, and I don't think I wasted my money, but I won't see it again. Too bad--I really like Will Smith and the first half was lots of fun. Then on Thursday, T went to work some more and I faded in and out of consciousness while trying to to unpack. I must have done it, though, because we were all unpacked the next morning, just in time for our Fourth of July! We had D and M over for breakfast, which was fabulous. M is getting so perfectly pregnant, rounding out her sixth month. To me, she is what women should look like pregnant :) We had a nice time over a late breakfast, I got to use my pretty china, and we had a good, lazy conversation while we decided what we were going to do for the afternoon (we were all invited downtown to a friend's rooftop to watch the fireworks that night). We decided to see Get Smart (a weekend for movies!). I really enjoyed the film--but probably due to more reasons than just the movie. For one thing, we were much more rested going in. We also got popcorn, which is a complete rip off, but made me happy because I love popcorn :) Also, T got such a kick out of one of the previews and was laughing so hard, it put me in a properly humorous mood for a silly, parody-type movie. And surprisingly, the movie wasn't overly crude--the humor was mostly slap-stick stuff, but it was enjoyable and pretty clean. After the movie we all came back to our house. M took a nap and T and D and I got ready for dinner with several other friends. Burgers and summer corn on the cob! It was pretty yummy :) We had tea while we chatted for a bit and then we all headed downtown for dessert and to watch the fireworks. We had a very delicious strawberry shortcake! And I have to say that the first half of the fireworks show was pretty darn cool. I'm sure the second half was great too, but due to the lack of wind over the Charles River, we couldn't see a majority of the spectacular spectacle. I've posted some photos and videos of the fireworks. Enjoy!
4th of July
All in all, a grand celebration with good food, good friends, and great memories!

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