Monday, June 9, 2008


and the livin' is easy! ...or it would be easier if it wasn't so darn HOT here! It's supposed to get up to 97 degrees tomorrow, and the humidity is WAY up these days, close to 80% (R (in TX), it's probably worse for you on a regular basis. You have my sincere sympathy--and admiration for exercising on your lunch hour!). Having been raised in a desert close to Death Valley, I grew up dealing with very intense heat. It's the humidity I can't stand! I simply melt. It makes me cranky... T is a very good husband for putting up with such a moody wife. Hopefully I'll never be ragingly pregnant in humid weather. The weather (even with the humidity) is not entirely unbearable, though. We have a pretty good air conditioner that we keep in our bedroom. At night it cools the room down enough (but just the bedroom--it isn't strong enough to cool the whole apartment) so that we can sleep comfortably with a sheet, which is very nice. It would be no fun at all if we couldn't even get a good night's sleep! Luckily, we both have good a/c's at work, so we can spend most of the day in the cool of our office, and only have to deal with our hothouse for a few hours before retreating into our room to sleep. :) In fact, yesterday I spent the whole afternoon sitting in the cool of our bedroom, right under the a/c, sewing! I replaced a zipper in one of my dresses and made a camera bag for our new digital camera (which I made out of jean scraps in a patchwork pattern. It turned out rather nice! And it's gender-neutral enough that T can carry it around too (not that he has a problem with non-gender-neutral things though...)). I actually got cold at one point and went out to sit with T in the sauna that was our living room :) Oh, and in other news, my best friend from grade school recently got in touch with me and it's been such a JOY hearing all about the 12 years we've been out of touch! I'm very grateful she emailed me :) We never had a falling-out or anything, but she moved away and we lost touch after a few years of letter-writing and visiting during the summer. She's getting married next Saturday and T and I will get to meet up with her and her husband at the airport in CA (they're flying out for their honeymoon and we're flying in to see my family)! It's so exciting!!

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