Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rain, Rain...

I won't say "go away" though, because I like the rain. I woke up this morning (very tired, for some reason) trying to forget that I had resolved to start exercising in the morning rather than the afternoon, as the spring weather gets warmer and more humid. But, I'm glad I did drag myself out of bed to go on my 2-mile walk-run jaunt. Only when I got down to the entryway of our building did I realize it was starting to sprinkle :) I went out anyway, though, and made my way down to the reservoir for my mile-and-a-half loop. (By the way, I mentioned morning-time bugs in an earlier post. I think, at least, the bugs present were just gnats, not nasty mosquito bugs.) Maybe it's because I have done most of my running in a desert, but I love to exercise in cool, moist weather. Once upon a very-long-time-ago, when I was better at running, I would relish the rare days it rained--striding through puddles without a second thought (that's probably a bad idea since it soaks your shoes making you slip more, making the shoes heavier, making you run more slowly... but no such second thoughts for me!). It was simply delightful to splash about in the cool air with no sun beating down on my head!
And yet, while the rain was the same as those long ago days, I wasn't--my body is letting me know (now, as I sit here at the computer!) it is not as in shape as it used to be (which is why I'm exercising again). We're working on it.. hopefully getting there slowly.
But the rain was a real treat today, especially after a couple warm (not hot--I have friends in TX where it's actually hot AND humid, so I'm not complaining) days, and looking ahead to more warm, humid days through the weekend.

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