Monday, June 23, 2008

California Dreamin'

Well, we made it to CA! What a trip it was. We woke up quite early yesterday morning, in order to make our 8am flight. Luckily we were all packed on Sunday, so we just had to wake up, shower, and put the last few miscellaneous things in our suitcases (toothbrushes, phone chargers, etc). A good friend drove us to the airport and we were on our way! The in-flight movie was Chocolate with Johnny Depp, but I wasn't too impressed with it. I think it was trying to be like Babette's Feast (AWESOME movie!), but it fell short in in the area of soundly-reasoned conclusions. Whatever. When we got to LAX, I got to call Melissa, my BEST friend from grade school, for the first time in twelve or so years! I mentioned in an earlier post how it was so good to hear from her, out of the blue a few weeks ago, and we decided to see if we could meet up as we crossed paths in the jungle that is Los Angeles International Airport. Melissa and her husband got married this past Saturday and were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon! It was such a treat to see her after so long, and to chat with her, meet the man of her dreams, and introduce her to my own other half. We only got to talk for 45 minutes before T and I headed off to beat traffic out of LA and the newlyweds had to file through security, but it was such a blessing. It's so, so, so good to get in touch with old friends. So many memories, so many shared jokes and stories. I can't wait to see them over C'mas, next time we're in CA. I want to get to know her all over again! After our nice reunion, T and I picked up our rental car and headed north into the raging wilds of the high desert. Long, straight roads aren't much to look forward to, but it had its own beauty :) We arrived at my parents house that afternoon and had a nice dinner with just them. The next day T and I secretly made plans for re-arranging the spare bedrooms to sleep two families in the house. Momma and Daddy didn't know my brother AND his whole family were coming to visit (they thought it was just my brother). Furniture arranged, we sat down to dinner and were just finishing up when my brother's kids walked in the door, much to (almost) everyone's surprise. It was a fabulous treat to have the WHOLE family together in the same town (a feat which is becoming more and more difficult, as we all seem to spread farther and farther apart). Not only was it a treat for my parents, though, it was great for T and me to see all the little kids again, especially Noni, our God daughter. She's such a sweetie (a bit on the shy side, but cute nonetheless). Oh, and don't mind the ears, her dad's a pilot! :) It's been a whirlwind two days! Tomorrow T and I will put up some additional rafters on Momma's pergola and add some shade cloth in time for my expectant sister's surprise baby shower. Gotta get up early to beat the heat. Supposed to be over 100 (again) tomorrow!


  1. Is that Melissa Patch??? How nice that you guys got back in touch.

  2. Indeed it is! Who are you, posthole?