Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Thursday at Home

Today most of the guys went for a bike ride in the mountains. My brother, my brother-in-law (who is part of a very innovative bike company), two of their friends, and my husband (who hiked) headed out early this morning, and we just got a call from them saying they're done with the ride, are going to eat dinner and then head home. Sounds like they had a blast. Apparently T went trail running and swimming in a river (his favorite) and it sounds like he had a great time too! My Thursday, however, was much quieter... sort of. Since we're still surprising my sister with the couples baby shower, and she came out to Momma's house today, it was a bit tricky for us to plan and prepare food ahead of time without her getting suspicious. Colum's birthday party is on Saturday, though, so we just pretended we were making food for that instead. Summer even helped with some of the dishes! ;) Also, we had to go shopping for prizes and activities with out Summer knowing about it. Luckily, just when we were ready to get started, she took a nap with Giulia, her daughter :D We headed in to town with me, Vivian, Heather and her kids Liesl, Therese, and Noni, and Bethany and her kids Michael and Rachel. It was an eventful shopping trip (Noni was asleep for part of it and I actually got to hold my God daughter!). And we managed to get a little of everything we needed. Pizza for dinner (we had to tell Summer something explaining why we went all the way into town!) and a nice quiet evening before the mayhem of this weekend begins: baby shower, birthday party, mass, and high tea!

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