Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. Anna

We finally got an icon of St. Anna! We have been meaning to for some time, since T got an icon of St. Thomas for a C'mas present when we were engaged. We have him (St. Thomas) hanging up next to Jesus in our icon corner, and Mary was all alone on the other side... until now!In searching for a St. Anna icon, I wanted to get something that complemented St. Thomas. I wasn't deliberately avoiding Monastery Icons or anything (I know that some people do not prefer the "modern" looking icons on their site--I don't mind so much since I think the "old" looking icons we have now used to look bright and shiny when they were brand new), but I wanted to shop around a bit to see what was out there. I did, however, eventually settle on Monastery Icons' St. Anna, because they had a size that matched St. Thomas' exactly and the image was similar--just a torso with a similar-sized figure. (Click on the pictures for a better image of what they look like.) When we have children, I will get a small icon (probably 3" by 4") of each of their saints and hang them in our icon corner. It will be fun to decide which saint to choose, since many of our children will have more than one saint name, and will have been born on the feast of a saint, and may eventually choose a patron not related to their name (like a confirmation saint). We'll just have to find out! In any case, I'm happy to have an icon of my patron, at long last. You could even say I was married as "Anna" and not "Anne" since Fr. Josef kept calling me Anna. I think his grandmother's name was Anna, which is why it stuck for him. I didn't mind too much, though. T and I used the right names in our vows, and even if Fr. Josef was a bit confused, God understands :D (Also, I do have an icon of St. Michael. T's mom got us one a few months ago. One of the ladies in T's home parish writes icons and she wrote this one of St. Michael (that is, she wrote one icon and copied and reproduced it to sell at the parish gift store). It's beautiful and we have it hanging in our bedroom!)

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