Monday, June 8, 2009

A Wedding

T and I went to a wedding this weekend; an exceptionally beautiful wedding. We've known the bride and groom for a scant two years (and even then, we didn't see the bride very often since she lived out of town), but we have fallen in love with them as a couple and could not be happier for them as they begin this new stage in their journey toward God.
We stayed with the groom's family (since Taylor was there the whole week for bachelor party festitivies). I can happily say that I now understand why the groom is such a fabulous young man--he comes by it naturally! We were welcomed with warm hospitality and nothing was too much trouble for this family to make their guests comfortable. We felt like part of the family immediately. Mr. C, too, is quite the romantic, which alwasy makes a wedding weekend fun and happy and joyful!
But our dear groom would not be the man he is without his bride. We never knew him without her in his life (some people have told us that is a good thing) ;) When she was around him, we could see the change in him. His whole being seemed (and seems) to shout out "Here is my soulmate! My helpmate! and the woman I give myself to wholly and freely!" You could see the light in his face.
And the bride :) What a wonderful woman with a wonderful family. The whole weekend ran smoothly and everyone felt welcomed and included and well-loved. Already we love her, and we look forward to getting to know her better as the years go by!
And what can I say about the wedding itself? This couple has been waiting for a long while to get married, and I was watching the groom when they opened the doors to let the bride in--he (and pretty much everyone else) was in tears. "It's finally here," was all I could have said to him at that moment. She's finally yours; for good; for real; forever. And you're finally hers. For better or worse, till death do you part.
Their joy in the celebration of their union truly overflowed into the many family and friends gathered to celebrate with them. So much was Love present in their gaze... shining rays of hope and the promise of the future, and the glow of the present moment. "I take you now to be my husband; to be my wife. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life." [Amen.]
One can't help but be happy for this couple. May God grant you many, many years together in peace, health, and happiness. May you live to a happy old age, and may you see your children's children.

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