Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I like to make lists.
[You may have noticed :)]
But the funny thing about my lists is that I tend only make them when I'm really bored or if I'm super busy.
I make lists a lot at work, during the downtime between projects, about what needs to be done when I get home. Most often, the lists stay in my purse, neatly folded, never looked at until I'm going through my purse a few weeks later.
"Oh... [mentally checking off things] don't need this anymore."
I have to admit--it's rather satisfying to throw an entire list away :)
The other time I make lists, for instance, is during the holidays. I make lists of what foods to make, when to make them, what presents I need to make/buy/find/list, what needs to be cleaned before we leave or before people come over. These are probably most like "regular" lists because I cross things off and add new things here and there. They're very functional.
Otherwise when I make lists, it's just to get my thoughts on paper. I don't know how it works really, but when I write something down, I don't worry about it as much. I should try writing down a list of things I'm specifically worried about, and see if it still works.
I remember as a kid my sister and I used to make packing lists for any trip we would go on (seriously, even a half-day trip to a petting zoo). I don't remember what we'd write down, but they were usually pretty silly things ("walkman" [yeah, remember those? with the cassette tapes?!] "music tapes for walkman" "lip gloss" etc). Nevermind bringing an extra pair of socks or sunblock or a hat or a water bottle or even snacks?! Naw, Mom would worry about those things :)
I still make packing lists. Granted, now 'days they're much more practical (I almost always list things I'll actually need on my trips), and I don't need to make lists for shorter trips (unless they'll be busy). I hate to be under prepared.
I also like to add funny things to Taylor's lists (oh, the master of lists--he can't live without them!)
  • Work on mission and ministry website
  • email Kaplan lady about classes
  • call Mum
  • talk to property management guy about renting
  • kiss your wifey-love
  • buy an island far away and live there
[Can you guess which ones are mine?] :D
Anyway. Random post, I know, but I'm trying to get back "into" blogging, so I gotta start somewhere!
  1. Just start posting anything you can think of
  2. Hopefully soon, they'll make sense again
  3. Add pictures

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  1. it's true... I can't live without them. But it's a good thing! Helps me be present in the moment. Especially when Annie adds to them :D