Monday, June 15, 2009


111 - What's on the Menu? Originally uploaded by renidemus

Ah, what a lovely weekend! 10 hours of sleep (a night!), and organizing, writing lists, planning projects! Taylor (my sweet, wonderful, magnificent husband!) fixed the disposal, the toilet valve, and the bathroom faucets (well... almost)! We bought wood for a shelving-unit I want to build next to the front door and I had a good chat with my Daddy about various ways to build it, best structure, etc. I'm excited to go home and start cutting and drilling and screwing. Also, yesterday I planned the week's menus! The past few months life has been, shall we say, less than organized? And I've been slacking in my house-wife-ly duties. [Another reason my husband is so wonderful--he doesn't even complain when he has to pick up my slack!] But, the last week or I have made an effort (w/ Taylor's help, of course!) to get back in my groove and, mostly, it's been going well. It's good to feel organized again. Especially with a good cup of tea :) [All that's missing is a best friend to plan menus and share my tea with... *sigh*]


  1. Those menu planning lists are so cool! I need that! It would certainly please Andrew. I love your mug in this picture too. he, he, he (it made me giggle obviously. Someday we will have to chat and share organizing wifey things!

  2. It's the same one my Momma used when she would plan menus :) She would divide the boxes in half and plan two weeks' worth of dinners and mix 'em up according to what she felt like each night (I can't do that because I would do all the easy meals first and leave the harder, less-tasty ones for later in the week).
    Daddy scanned one of her menu sheets for me a couple years ago and I've just printed the "picture" off my computer whenever I needed more. I'll email you the scan, too :)