Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Closer

I build the top portion of our bookshelf yesterday afternoon. Today I'll cut verticle supports for each shelf (I'm hoping to fit them so they can be inserted anywhere on the shelf one wants). Tomorrow's painting day! :) I'm excited to put the books on the shelves!
(I sure hope these shelves are sturdy enough for all our books)


  1. Will you come build one for us too? ;)

  2. Very well done. As I have said before, you have great craftsmanship skills. Will you take it apart to paint it, So you don't get paint on the walls? Or are you just that awesome to be able to paint it assembled?

  3. I'll paint it assembled. The wall bows in a little bit in the middle, so parts of the shelves don't even touch the wall. I also have some wall-colored paint, so if I mess up I can touch up :) I only have to worry about a few of the edges against the wall, though, because the shelves will be the same white as the rest of the trim.