Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What A Day!

Whew! I went to get blood drawn this morning at the lab (where I've had it done before--the technician I had was great!), but when I got there, three people were already in the waiting room and there was no technician there. No one knows where the scheduled person was. To my knowledge, they still don't know what happened. We all waited there for a while and the ultrasound lady (who shares the office) arrived and she didn't know anything either. Luckily for me, my doctor's office is just two floors up in the same building so I went up to see what I could see. The doctor was at a delivery, but her assistant called the lab's main office and they didn't know what was going on either, but said someone should be there before 10:00. So I went back downstairs to wait another 20 minutes... but no one came. I went BACK up to my doctor's office and they told me I should just go to the other (competing) lab in the building, which I did. Got there, signed in, sat down and waited 15 minutes.. only to find out that they won't accept the blood order paperwork from the other lab. :P So I went up, yet again, to my doctor's office and the nice assistant lady printed me off a differnet colored paper with the same information on it. Back downstairs, sign in, sit, wait, called. I spent 3 minutes in the chair getting poked, bled, and taped. So, to make a long (and boring) story short, it took me 2 hours to wait for a 3 minute blood test.. haha. The ride back on the T was fine, though (I had a good book). I even made it back to Cleveland Circle in time to re-load my "Chah-ley Cahd" before catching the shuttle and arrive on campus with 10 minutes to spare before Mass (yay!). If that wasn't enough, I even ran into Dr. Kries from GU after Mass! He was here at BC visiting the campus with his daughter who had been accepted and wanted to preview the campus. He is well, and it was very good to see him, even if only for a few minutes. (We miss GU.) I gave him my number and updated email so he can get in touch with us when he's back this way in the fall. Work was fine--no one showed up to the open forum meeting we planned (which means not as much work for me!) and I left early from the empty meeting. I got to take a nice long walk after I got home and I talked to my sister the whole time. It's always good to chat with family--sometimes I don't realize how much I miss them until I can really talk to them and find out all the little details of their job, their daily grind, their kids... the weather :) Yummy dinner of roasted green beans and onion and potato slices with lemon pepper chicken and ICE CREAM for dessert! What a day.. a beautiful, full, comic day! AND, we just found out two of our good friends are pregnant!

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