Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things I Like About Cold Weather

But before I get to those, I'd like to admit that I am ready for spring to arrive. I'm not "sick" of the cold yet, but I think I'd like to change out my warm clothes for summer-y clothes... that's one thing I like about having seasons. By the time it gets cold in the fall, I'm ready for the cold. When March or April rolls around, I'm ready for things to start thawing out and I want to wear flip flops again. So, before the cold leaves New England entirely, I'd like to write a bit on the cold's behalf. 1) I like hot drinks. Tea. Hot Chocolate. Coffee (breve's!). Hot Buttered Rum. :) There's nothing quite like coming in from the cold, wet, windy outside world to a nice warm house to sit down near a heater with a soothing cup of warmness to curl frozen fingers around. Though to be fair, when I was younger, during the summer my younger sister and I would go for starlight swims in our pool and when we were finished, we'd dry off and come inside. It was always "cold" inside the (air-conditioned) house, especially since we were wet. So, momma would make us Mexican hot chocolate and we'd sip it at the kitchen table while she told us stories or we watched cartoons. Mmm... 2) Warm, comfy clothes. As nice as it is to appear in public in a pretty sundress and sandals, I still thoroughly enjoy wrapping myself up in layers of warm clothing (except for long-johns. Those can be irritating). I love to wear sweaters and scarves and gloves and jackets. It's fun to go outside and romp in the cold with rosy cheeks and puffing breath, stomping around in boots and fluffy coats. Then, when you're done romping, it's just as great to come inside and unwind the scarves and unwrap the layers and sit around with friends while drinking hot beverages (see 1 above). 3) SNOW!! I LOVE THE SNOW! It's pretty when it's falling; it's fun to walk in or ski/snowboard on; it's pretty to look at when the sun is out; it's just great. I know most people 'round here don't like the snow, but I think that's because there are too many cars here. If there were fewer cars, or fewer streets for that matter, there would be more pretty snow and less ugly (dirty) snow. Also, if it's snowing, that usually means it's pretty cold outside, which makes for optimum situations as described in number 1 above. 4) Snuggling. I know, I know--but I have to put it in. It's just not fun to sleep next to someone when it's hot and humid in your bedroom! That's all. 5) Covers and blankets. I love to sleep (just ask T). If it were a competitive sport, I may have done that in high school rather than cross-country. One of the best things about sleep is being comfortably wrapped in clean, crisp, fluffy covers. After a long day working, cleaning, or walking all over somewhere, it's simply lovely to insinuate myself between our favorite sheets and feel my body relax into the mattress. zzzzzzz... Um, so.. those are some reasons why I like cold weather. There are others, but I think most of them are variations of these. And again, having said all that in favor of cold, I'm ready to don a sundress and sandals and put on sunblock once again. Good thing T and I are going to CA this weekend so he can present his paper on Lonergan's idea of bias. More on that later..

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