Thursday, April 24, 2008

T's Birthday!!

Yesterday was T's birthday. He's kinda funny when it comes to birthdays because he says, "Why should I get presents? My mom did all the work 23 years ago!" He's a fan of hobbit-style birthdays. If you come to his party, he gives you a present. If he had the resources, everyone he knew would get a present on his birthday, whether you could come to a party or not. And in proper hobbit fashion, we ATE FOOD to celebrate! T even got a Guinness--on tap (it comes in pints?)! We went with our good friends D and M, and P (our marathon buddy) came too. (D and M are happily expecting their first baby, so please keep them in your prayers!) We went to "Cheers" the Replica. Some of you may remember the TV series Cheers with Kelsey Grammer (who, incidentally, later starred as the same character having moved from Boston to Seattle in the series Frasier. Kind of the opposite progression of T and me...but we'll get back to WA one of these days!). Anyway, it's pretty good food (though the wait was L O N G), and we had some good conversations. NEXT, we went to the New England Aquarium. D is an amateur skin diver from CA and he loves going there (he wanted to dive into the huge central tank and swim with all the sharks and fishes!). M is a professional photographer, too, so if she'll let me, I'll be sure to post some of her pics here! She captured some fun moments, for sure. Having P there was a treat, too, since it was like having a brother along. Sometimes he felt like an older brother, sometimes more like a younger brother. I think he had a good time, too, which is important. After the aquarium we took the T back to Cleveland Circle and had Italian chocolate cake at our apartment. It was the prettiest Italian chocolate cake I've made in a long time, and I'm sort of mad at myself for forgetting to take a picture of it. :( I also got to use the cake plate we got for our wedding. That was nice too.
The three Philosophers, enjoying the cake
So, I think it was a happy birthday. I haven't called T's mom yet to thank her for having such a sweet boy, but I can do that any day! And Happy Birthday, My Love :) I LOVE YOU A MILLION-BILLION-SIX!

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