Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Like a Lion...

Well, here it is April 1st and spring is on its way (we hope). March didn't quite go "out like a lamb" but it certainly left more spring-y than it arrived. Yesterday was a cool (not frigid!) and rainy 37 degrees, and today it's warmed up quite a bit and feels positively balmy out! It's blustery today, too--a nice refreshing spring zephyr.

Despite the lamb-ish-ness of receiving a lamb butter mold in the mail (it's still Easter--it counts!), the end of March would probably have felt more lamb-ish if I had prepared better for the rain. I didn't check the weather in the morning, which was my first mistake, and I had never bought another umbrella after my pretty sunshine-y yellow one broke a couple months ago :( When it started raining while I was at work, I realized just how unprepared I was.
I wore a light-weight jacket, which wasn't too much of a problem, but it was silk and shouldn't get wet. Oops.
I wore pants that look really weird when they get wet. The material sort of puckers and looks diseased--especially when it becomes flecked with wet dirt.
I wore my old black heels that have a crack in the bottom sole. Normally I'm pretty good about only wearing those shoes on sunny days (since they're still pretty sturdy shoes) but not yesterday. Oops again.
Luckily I was able to borrow an umbrella from the office and didn't get too wet going home. I hung my pants and stockings up to dry when I got home and sat down in some comfortable sweats to make cards. Birthday Season is coming for our families (the only two months that aren't "birthday season" are February and March), and I'm getting ahead of the game a bit!

This umbrella is just like the one I borrowed. The photo's from an engagement photo shoot of two BC alums. :)

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  1. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MOLD!!??? And you didn't tell me you ordered one.