Wednesday, April 2, 2008

People at Mass

T and I have been attending daily Mass for a few months now, and it is always a joy to see so many people there. Also, when you go to the same Mass for a while, you tend to notice the "regulars." One woman there reminds T and me a lot of my young niece, L. She is very happy looking and child-like and a just a little plump in the face. She always has the beginnings (or remnants?) of a smile and her gestures and movements are "curious" and innocent the same way a child's are. Her bangs are cut short in the front which frames her face in a way reminiscent of L. We like her very much. I think her favorite color is green because she had the same green coat all winter, and often now I see her in green pants, green shirt, and green vest. I like green too! After receiving the Eucharist, she always seems so peaceful walking back to her seat. She always looks so grateful to receive it. She seems content with life. There is another lady who attends the same Mass we do--a delightful older lady (with white-white hair) who is always smiling. I love to shake her hand at the kiss of peace because you can tell she really wants to share God's peace with you. She says hi to us after Mass and asks how we are doing. She wishes us well when she leaves, still smiling. But I can't forget the priests! BC is a Jesuit university and the resident Jesuit priests usually say the morning Masses. I think they have a schedule worked out as to who says what Mass when, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. It doesn't matter really, since they're all good priests. One priest must be very old. Everything he says comes out sounding tired--a good kind of tired though. The kind you feel after a hard day's work, when all you want to do is rest your head and let sleep seep through your body. I think he has done a lot of hard work in his life, physically and spiritually. Sometimes it's hard to understand him, but I can tell he's in love with his Church, his Bride. Another priest is very much like the smiling old lady--they even look like they may be related, but of course that could be because they have the same kind of smile wrinkles! He gave a very nice homily one day, even though he chided himself for not speaking about the Gospel. He told about a ride on the T here in Boston and a sweet young man who rode with him. The young man was mentally handicapped, but very cheerful, and came and sat next to this priest, innocently holding his hand, the whole trip. The priest even decided to stay on the train past his stop if the young man didn't get off before he did. When the young man did leave, he told the priest, "You're a very nice man. Have a good day!" How beautiful to see the world that way. Another woman there, probably middle-aged, once wore a Scottish kilt to Mass! She has a strong, deep voice, and I like to hear her do the readings (which she does frequently). She sounds like the kind of person the prophets would have chosen to proclaim their message. She believes what she read, too. And, of course, there's T--my own love. I love going to Mass with him. It's always better with him there. Sometimes we hold hands a lot, sometimes not at all. We always give each other a quick kiss at the kiss of peace (why not?), and at Communion, he always lets me go first. I never asked to go first, and I certainly don't mind going after him.. I guess it's just one way he shows his consideration and love for me. I love to watch him pray and to see him receive the Eucharist. I love to unite my heart to his in the perfect prayer of the Mass. I love to be a follower of Christ with my soul mate. (Ok, enough sappy-ness. Sorry!) So here's to beautiful people at Mass! How beautiful is the Body of Christ!

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