Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Hair Cut

Well, it's not really my very first haircut, but today was the first time I cut my own hair (deliberately. And not in defiance of my mother telling me not to. And not to get gum out or anything either)! I've been meaning to get my hairs cut (not just one hair cut, of course) for a while. I don't mind having really long hair, but in the winter when it's windy my hair blows all over the place. And since it's curly, the dry, wispy ends get caught in all sorts of things: zippers and buttons as I pull on my coat, my purse straps, pillows (when I'm laying down), Taylor, other people's hands/sleeves/buttons on their coats. But the only lady who's ever cut my very curly (and unruly) hair lives in my hometown in CA and I haven't had time to see her the last few times T and I have visited my parents. So I got to thinking: if my hair is so curly and you can't really tell that it's uneven in the first place, why can't I just cut it myself? So that's what I did. I combed it out the way the haircut lady always did (wet, of course, since it'd be ridiculous to try to comb through my hair and cut it when it's dry) and snip, snip, snip! There was a small handful of curly hairs in the bathroom sink. I asked T if my hair was noticeably uneven in the back, and he said no. Then I asked him if he wanted to keep my cut hairs and make them into a ring (like Gimli did with the three hairs Galadriel gave him), but he said no to that too. So I just threw them out. It was kind of exciting! :)

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