Friday, February 22, 2008

Right back at ya! A response to an old friend

I am so glad I called! It was simply delightful to talk to you and to catch up a bit and listen to your troubles. (I need to remember that the time difference is only an hour (not the west-coast-three-hour difference I'm used to considering).) I, too, am grateful for your friendship! T & I treasure your and your husband's friendship more than most since we were all friends before anyone got married... it's a friendship that has grown and changed all together. We are, in many ways, the same, which brings us closer: in our faith, in our troubles, in our hopes for the future, our dreams for our children. I feel as though I could tell you anything and you would understand. I can talk to you about my philosopher husband and you can laugh right along with me. You're right--their dreams and aspirations are (mostly) quite worth trying (the nudist colony T thought up never quite appealed to me), even if they do change monthly, weekly, daily or.. sometimes hourly :) You were in our prayers all day that you would have a better day and that Alexander would smile more for you! I am touched that you remembered us in prayer as well--the closest link for friends far apart. Someday I hope we can live closer again. Someday I hope we can both have little girls named Lucy who can play together. Someday, I hope I can make you some coconut chicken soup when you're feeling sick and can babysit for you when you need some time off. And maybe someday our children will marry each other--who knows?! a little something from your wedding: O God, our God, You came to Cana in Galilee, and blessed the marriage there; now bless Your servants who through Your providence are united in the common life of marriage. Bless the daily course of their life; fill their life with good things; and accept their crowns into Your kingdom, keeping them pure, blameless and above reproach forever.

R. Amen.

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