Sunday, March 2, 2008

Folding Clothes

I like to fold clothes. Some of my friends and (I think) most of my sisters think I'm a little silly, but I really do like folding clothes. I enjoy sorting the huge pile of clean clothes and matching socks (though I hate when socks disappear!). I guess there's just something about a nice stack of folded t-shirts that's appealing to me. My favorite way to do my folding is to dump all the clean clothes on the couch and put on a good movie or some nice music. It's relaxing... Of course, my enjoyment of folding clothes may change once we have a baby. I know from (second-hand) experience how much clothing children can go through in a day and having that much folding to do and one or two or three or more kids could be a bit much. We'll see... But the funniest part about all this is that, before I got married, I didn't have very much folding to do. I mean, I would fold my family's laundry at home sometimes, and there were always towels to fold. When I went to college I had very little folding since I hung up most of my wardrobe. So now most of the folding I do is of T's clothes. Maybe another reason why I like folding is because I know it's just one more way to take care of my sweet husband. That's the true joy of being a wife, I think. Momma always told me "Your husband is the only member of your family you ever get to choose." "So make it a good choice," I always added to myself. To Love is a choice. To get caught up in the "feeling" of "falling in love" is to be swept away by the evanescent. Feelings are certainly a part of Love and Loving, but the real "stuff" of Love is a choice you make every day. To freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully give yourself to your husband: this is Love. I have made my choice and each day I am blessed to find new ways to live it out. Each morning when I wake up, I have the opportunity to show my husband just how much I love him. I can only pray that I receive the grace to be a helpmate "fit for him," to be the wife he hoped for, the wife he deserves, and the wife God intended for him. There are countless ways to show T that I love him; that I have chosen him and do choose him everyday... everything from moving to the east coast for his master's degree to smiling at his ideas of raising our children in outer space...and folding his clothes! Happy folding!


  1. Yes! I'm glad you did. That was one of the reasons I chose that picture :) hehe

  2. I'll admit, I had to go back and look for the baby. Who's is it Annie? Instead of losing socks in your laundry, do you find babies? Are the babies taking the socks and you just caught it in the act?? AAAHH, all the unanswered questions....oh, and folding can be fun. I fold mine right out of the dryer. If it gets put on a couch or bed it ends up staying there. Giulia now helps by putting her once folded clothes into her own drawers. Somehow, they aren't folded by the time she gets them to her drawer. sigh...but she's cute doing it.

  3. Well, the baby doesn't belong to anyone I know, I just pulled a picture off the internet. :) But I'm sure that when I do have kids "helping" me with laundry, I'll find babies in the piles of clothes taking (and losing) the socks. :)

    If you take a picture of Giulia putting her "folded" clothes away, I'll add it to this post :)