Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, it's snowing today. The weather forecast says it should snow between 4-8 inches by late tonight. It's very exciting to have snow on the ground in February--I don't think that's ever happened anywhere I've lived. The funny thing is, this Monday was positively spring-ish! It was a balmy 55 degrees and the sun was shining.. Tuesday and Wednesday, though, were very clear, but pretty cold and I was silly enough to leave my scarf and gloves behind when I went to work. Brrr.... And today we have snow! :) Gotta love the east coast. Another few weeks of sweaters, boots, warm pants, and scarves before spring comes, I guess. And, another great part about today is that, since it's snowing so "heavily," I can leave work early instead of having to stay till 5. It's a beautiful winter-wonderland-world!


  1. So Jealous!! I want snow so badly.It's already getting so hot here. Ugh! Wish I could be there to enjoy some of your snow. throw a snowball for me. :D

  2. I'm so jealous!!!! I want some snow too. Nice, cold, wet beautiful, cleansing snow. I am not meant to be a desert girl. Throw a snowball for me. :D