Friday, February 8, 2008

August 22, 2007 - Things I've learned about Boston (Brighton)

This can also be considered a "Good experience(s) in Boston" note :) On average, it precipitates between 3 and 4 inches per month. My Seattle-fish of a husband likes that. The hottest month is July, at about 86 degrees (average) . Record high 104 degrees in 1911. Hopefully I won't be obtusely pregnant in July. Ever. Anywhere. The coldest month is January averaging about 36 degrees. Record low 30 degrees in 1946. I like cold weather :) After all, there are only so many layers you can take off (even in your own house where you can be naked!), and you can still be hot. But in cold weather, you can always add another layer.. or snuggle under the covers and stick your icy cold feet under your spouse's thighs which makes him squeal and sometimes jump out of bed, which makes you colder because he threw the covers off, forcing him to snuggle up to your poor shivering body out of pity. But.. I digress. The best thing I've learned about Boston so far today is that August is, on average, cooler than July, and September, on average, is cooler than August. That makes me happy. (I don't, on average, like humidity when it's hot.) I suppose that since our visit to Death Valley, where it was 90 degrees at 5 in the morning, I've been ready to get out the winter clothes and bundle up in cute scarves and matching gloves. I wanna wear my hair down again and put a warm hat on. I'm very much looking forward to Boston's winter. As a side note, I'm also very ready to go snow boarding... but from what I (in my own from-the-west-coast-and-raised-in-the-sierra's opinion) have heard, the east coast doesn't really have any mountains. Can we say "visit the parents for C'mas"?!
Another great thing I've learned is that, even though these Bostonians talk funny, they make fun of it too! For example: a soup place has called itself: Boston Chowda in Trader Joe's (great store!) there's a sign that says: Wicked nice cahds (cards) $.99 on the back of a taxi, an ad for a car wash: "It's like a spa for your cah" Cool thing number 6: The arts scene here is awesome! We've already been to see an Edward Hooper exibit at the mfa (Museum of Fine Arts), and it was neat! We didn't get to see the rest of the museum, since it closed earlier than we would have liked, but we have bought a membership and can go back, for free, whenever we want. We've also visited the aquarium, bought a memebership and--I saw sharks! Ooh, creepy nasty looking things! But there was a cool jellyfish exibit out and we enjoyed that. By the way, we have two free guest passes whenever we visit, so if you're in the area, we can get (two of) you in for free! Um.. I think that's all. People should visit us here! You'll be welcome to our air mattress and excess of warm fluffy bedding and our food and our company. :)

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