Friday, February 8, 2008

September 12, 2007 - I got a job!

It's true! I've been offered the job I've been temping for for the past 3 weeks. I'm very excited. I will be the assistant to the Special Assistant to the President. This job seems simply perfect for me, too. It's part time, and I get to come in for a few hours 5 days a week. I appreciate that since I don't like going to work for the whole day and having no day left when I get home. I get my own little office, with my own little door (it's not a cubicle), and my own little air conditioner and shredder. :D I've already been thinking about how I'll arrange the furniture in the office to suit my tastes. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I've already met Fr. Leahy (S.J.), the president of BC. My boss also has a dog. His name's Sparky, and he only comes to work with Bob 3 days a week. Sparky's a fluffy little (little) white thing with buggy eyes and a pug-nose face. He's not a yappy dog, either... which is good. :) Another plus: I won't even have to walk very far to work every day. The BC shuttle bus has a stop just a block from my house, which will be very nice on those CUH-HOLD winter mornings. So, I'm going in to work tomorrow, on temp. assignment, so that I can attend a meeting for a project which I will be helping with there. It will be nice to go in and say "I'll see you Monday, for SURE!" to all the people there I've met so far. And when T came home from class yesterday (I had texted him that I got the job), he brought me FLOWERS!! Real flowers (not Facebook flowers). He got me one (really) long stem rose, and a pretty purple African violet. (Y'see, he doesn't really like bringing home cut flowers, as they tend to.. well, die.) So life is wonderful. And we should be able to pay our mortgage now (yay!).

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